Somerset Hare Print 16 x12″ Card Mounted.

Somerset Hare Print 16 x12″ Card Mounted.


Somerset Hare Print

16 x 12″ High Quality Card Mounted Print.

I was walking across a Somerset field on a
beautiful September evening.
The crop had just been cut and this Hare came running
towards me.  When he saw me, he did an unusual thing,
he stopped and sat, looking at me for a
few minutes.
He did not seem to mind in the least
when I pointed a camera at him and clicked away.
Sadly, I have not witnessed this behavior since, as
most Hares run a mile when they
see a Human (understandably!!)
It was a very memorable encounter for me.

Signed Print.

P.S. THE WORDS “Robert Minton Photography”
will be removed from sold prints!





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