About the Artist – Kathleen Minton

Kathleen Minton at work in her Studio:



Kathleen is shown here preparing one of her new Sculptures.
In this case “Elen of the Ways”.
This is the original sculpture, made in Wax and clay.
The next stage is to make a high quality mold from the original,
to then make detailed Marble Mixture copies from.

Kathleen has worked in different forms of art over the years. 
 When she had a family decided to form “Spirit of the Green Man”
as a business.  This has been running for a number of years.

Kathleen gains inspiration from the wild Welsh landscape
and the folk tales of the our ancient ancestors.
“Brought to you from Celtic Wales”
In regards to materials used in the Construction of most 
of the Statues, this is largely Marble Mixtures,
 with other materials used as binding agents. 

 The finished result is built to last and 
give you that traditional authentic look.
“I try to leave a minimal carbon footprint, 
there is little material left to waste 
(any materials left over are used in our small Green Men).  
No waste water is involved in this process.

If you want to purchase a spiritual sculpture then
I have what your looking for.  
These Green Men are designed to 
with-stand harsh weather conditions, so are suitable 
 for both interior or garden use.

 They are lovingly finished in our Welsh Garden, which contains
 an ancient boundary hedge and trees such as
 Hawthorn, Black Thorn, Holly, 
Witch Hazel, Silver Birch and Rowan.

 Dominating the rest stands our mighty Oak, 
who watches over and sees all.”