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I hope to answer some Frequently Asked Questions here. If this does not help call 029 20 850501 (9am – 5pm).

Q: How Are The Sculptures Fixed to the Wall?

A:  Using a strong wire hook as above.

All you need  to do is place the sculpture to do is place the sculpture onto a screw or strong nail.  The density of the sculptures material we use will stop the sculpture being moved by the wind etc.

Q: What Material Are The Sculptures Made From?

A:  Really durable Marble Mixture that has proven to be resistant to pretty much anything the weather can throw at it. We find this formula is excellent at highlighting fine details.

Q: Are The Sculptures Suitable For Outside?

A:  Most definitely, the Marble Mix has proved to be very durable in harsh weather conditions.

Q: What Happens In The Event of Courier Damage?

A:  Don’t worry you are fully covered for delivery damage which is RARE. However, please check your item at the time of delivery, or very soon afterwards.  Let us know immediately and if possible accompany this with an e-mailed photograph. You will be sent a replacement items on receipt of the original here.

Q: Can I Change My Mind On Receipt Of The Item?

A:  Yes, please let us know asap and at the latest within 7 days. Send the item back to us in appropriate packaging providing it is received here in good order we will arrange for a refund on receipt.

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