Your Questions about the Moon Gazing Hare answered.



Many people believed that the Moon Gazing Hare was associated
with positive energies, such as growth, re-birth and could indeed bring good luck.

A sight of a Hare, particularly a Moon Gazing one is still considered to be a positive
symbol, particularly by believers of the old traditions, such as Wiccans.

“In pre-Christian times the Hare was considered a sacred animal, entwined with the earth or white Goddess who was the provider of all things. The Celts worshiped the hare and would not eat its meat nor kill them except at Beltane festival (1st May, marking the arrival of summer).

Queen Boudicca is said to have prayed to a hare Goddess before going into battle with the Romans. the Saxons who colonised Britain worshiped a Hare goddess and apparently some people in Wales used to believe that Hares changed sex every month.

It is suggested that the Hare is symbolic of our relationship with the land and could be identified with our need to temper our use of the natural environment.