Kathleen Minton at work at the Spirit of the Green Man Studio

preparing one of her hand made marble mix Sculptures.
(Waterwheel behind the window!!).

herne-the-hunter-green-man-sculptureKathleen has worked in different forms of art over the years.
When she had a family decided to form “Spirit of the Green Man”
as a business. This has been running for a number of years.

Kathleen gains inspiration from the wild Welsh landscape
and the folk tales of the our ancient ancestors.

I do hope you enjoy viewing my range of Green Man
and Hare Sculptures, the majority of which I hand make in my Studio.
They are made from a special Marble based mixture
which we have found to be very durable and frost resistant.

We also have a wonderful selection of crafted Jewellery as well as a range of quality sourced gifts.

My Sculptures with love, will bring spirituality,
renewal & hope to the child of nature within us.

My shop is “The Spirit of the Green Man Studio” at
Abbey Mill, Tintern. NP16 6SE.

Tel: 01291 689501.

Please join My  Facebook Page – If you are interested in Environmental matters and
the Green Man please join us.

If I can be of assistance feel free to call
on tel: 029 20 850501.

1000hrs to 1600hrs daily.
Orders can be taken over the telephone
on the above number.


“Come sit a while, enjoy our faces, for while
you are here our heart embraces”

 Here is a  GREEN MAN VIDEO  our Green Man illustrating some of Sculptures to music.