Shadowdancer Wolf Bust


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Shadowdancer Wolf Bust.

My highly detailed ORIGINAL Marble Based
design – beware of inferior Low Resolution,
Low Quality, 
Concrete copies made of my Sculpture!

Shadowdancer Wolf is a elusive, noble creature of the night.

It is said that Wolves come into this world, each with
Their own set of knowledge.
Considered by many the highest animal of the spiritual plane.
It is said that black Wolves help us to evolve our spiritual life
and can take us a newer enlightened level,
especially significant in shamanic practices.

Size: 31cms high x 20cms wide.
Weight: Approx 7.2 kgs.

Made from our durable Marble Mix
so suitable for outdoor use.
Complete with wall hooks.

Combined Shipping Rates Apply:
Postage Cost is worked out by the total
weight of the order.

Copyright: K Minton.

Member of ACID:
Anti Theft of Copyright & Design.




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