Chewton Mendip Ancient Green Man

Chewton Mendip Ancient Green Man



The Chewton Mendip Ancient
Green Man find.

This amazing early Green Man was recently
found by a chap metal
detecting in the Chewton Mendip area.

These are copies of the original.

We have had several reports of these chaps being pocket size
“Good luck” talismans and the metal detectorists
concerned report their
find rate has increased since
they carry one of these chaps with them!

Pocket size: 65mm X 65mm and very light weight.

Made from Marble mixture.

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The original find.


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More information on this chap:

Construction of the original appears to be lead.

So far the finders referral to the Portable Antiquities Scheme has not resulted
in being able to shed a lot of information on this find as to date or usage.

Suggestions around 13 – 14th Cen?

It remains a fascinating enigma.

Suggestions so far are that it may have been a vessel mount.

If you have any ideas please feel free to let me know and I will pass them on to the finder.

We were asked by the finder to produce replicas in the form of a mold.

These are copies of the original.

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