Avalon Green Man: green/gold finish.

Avalon Green Man: green/gold finish.


Green Man of Avalon
Hand Crafted Sculpture.

“A stunning Green man from this mystic Isle, a wonderfully
detailed piece based on the Hawthorn tree.
This is the tree of Beltane, the Fire Festival.
known as the “Glastonbury thorn” and was said to have
been brought here by Joseph of Arimathea – Christ’s uncle”.

A beautiful weather-proof Green Man suitable both for
indoor and outdoor use.

Made in my workshop, here in Wales
from high quality Marble mixture.

Size: 28cms across

Complete with wall hanging hook.

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A picture that I took of the famous Glastonbury thorn at
Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury before the act
of mindless vandalism that
resulted in its being chopped down.

The Glastonbury Tor dominating the distant landscape.

More information on the thorn here.

Such a special place and such a magical atmosphere!

The name “Avalon” is believed to come from the ancient
British tongue or Welsh word “Afal” meaning
“Apple” the “Isle of Apples”.
Any modern day visitor to Glastonbury will agree
that this is still a relevant name for the area!



Also available in gold finish.


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