Blodeuwedd the Owl Sculpture




Blodeuwedd is a character from the Welsh epic tale of the Mabinogion.

The legend tells that she was made in a wooded glade from the flowers of Oak, Broom and Meadowsweet by the great magicians Math and Gwidion. 

She became known as “Blodeuwedd” the “Lady of Flowers”. She was wed to the Welsh Prince Lleu.  However, she fell in love with another and arranged for Lleu to turn into an Eagle.
Gwidion heard of her treachery and in fury turned her in to an Owl, cursed to hunt in the night. 

Llue was turned back into a prince. 

This is my interpretation of the Owl stage of Blod’s life.

Size: 29cms diameter.

Hand Made from my special Marble Mixture,
so fully weather proof.

Complete with Wall hanging Hook

Copyright: ©K Minton.

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