1. Taliesin Hand Made Green Man Sculpture


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Taliesin Green Man Sculpture.

This chap is unique to Spirit of the
Green Man.

This Green man Sculpture is Meticulously
hand made by Kathleen Minton  using
her special marble mixture.

This ensures a fully weather proof finish
should you wish to display this chap outside.

This is a wonderful opportunity to own a
very old and traditional mystic figure.

Complete with wall hanging hook.

Size: 37cms wide x 30cms high.

Weight: approx 6.5kgs.

Cost £43.00 plus p/p.

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This majestic spirit haunted the Oak groves
of the ancient Celtic World.
He looked over the majestic Oaks and passed
on tales to the Druid Bards.
He told of our connection to Nature
and the Green Man.

This message is inscribed within
this Green Man and the message
is as relevant today, perhaps more so than ever before.
Highly detailed (note his Mouse friend “Torok”)
He is also quite three-dimensional
as he is very deep (approx 8cms)

©Copyright: K Minton.




The Tale of Taliesin:

He was a Welsh poet of the A.D. 500’s.
He started life as a servant boy named

Gwion Bach at the shores of Lake Bala.
Here the giant Tegid Foel and his wife,
a witch named Ceridwen lived.

They had a beautiful daughter and a son
Morfran who was unfortunately
so Ugly and stupid,  
no magic could
cure him.

Ceridwen then decides to brew a special potion
to make him
handsome and wise and gives
young Gwion the job of
stirring the cauldron
to be left boiling over a fire

for a year and a day.
The first three drops of the brew give wisdom,
the rest are poisonous.

As poor Gwion stirs the liquid three drops
fall onto him.
The magic works as he acquires
great knowledge and wisdom.

Scared of Ceridwen’s wrath Gwion flees,
changing shape 
by magic into a Rabbit.

Ceridwen in turn pursues in the form of a dog.
Gwion assumes the shape of a fish, Ceridwen
becomes a Hawk and the chase continues.

Gwion then in desparation becomes a grain
of corn only
to be eaten by Ceridwen
who had become a Hen!

After Ceridwen resumes her old shape she becomes
pregnant and knows that it is Gwion that she carries.

After he is reborn he is the most beautiful baby.
Ceridwen planned to kill him, but found
she could not, 
instead she casts him into
the sea in a large leather bag.

The baby is discovered by Elffin, said to be
unluckiest prince in Wales who has been subject

to a series of disasters.

When Elffin sets eyes on the boy he cries out “Taliesin”
meaning “how radiant his brow is”

As he rides home the baby begins to speak then
to recite poetry.

Elffin adopts the child and his luck totally
changes and he prospers in all his life.

Taliesin becomes the most famous bard in Albion,
inspiring the warriors of the land in their
battles against the Saxons.

Towards the end of his life he makes a famous prophecy:
“Their Lord they shall praise,
Their language they shall keep,
Their land they shall lose,
Except wild wales!”


Also available in moss green version.

Email received 13/12/2016:

Hi Kathleen,

I wanted to let you know that my parcel has arrived and I am beyond thrilled with Taliesin.
Honestly, the photos on your website are beautiful but he’s so much more impressive close up.
I am truly so pleased with him.
Thank you also for opening the box to place in Petal.
She is adorable and is happily sat on the shelf above my desk. I can feel her energy already.
It goes without saying that I will be back to purchase from you again in the future.
I have already seen a few things I like. I will also have no hesitation in recommending you.
Again, many thanks for such an excellent service.
Kind regards


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Weight37 kg


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