Glastig Miscehvious Forest Sprite Green Man





Brand new Glastig, the mischievous Forest Sprite Sculpture
hand made in Wales by Kathleen Minton.

This naughty, playful Forest Sprite likes nothing more than to play tricks onto anyone who wanders into his forest.
However, if he takes a fancy to a wandering Human, he has been known to sprinkle good luck dust around them!

Each one is meticulously hand painted and
finished in a weather proof glaze.

Made from my Marble Mix and Fully frost proof.

Complete with strong Wall hanging Hook.

Size: 39cms high x 24cms wide.
Weight: Approx. 4.4kgs.

Copyright: K Minton;

Acid Design Number: D14768-11088-346220

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Close up picture below from the fully painted version
just to display the details:


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