Wendy Andrew Art

Welcome to my range of beautiful items by one of my favourite artists, Wendy Andrew.
I’m sure you will agree Wendy is a very talented lady
and you will also be captivated by the quality of her art work.

Wendy Andrew has painted and drawn since she was very young. She went to life-drawing classes with her professional artist father from the age of six and she attained a degree in fine art at Cheltenham in 1979.

Her beautiful wildlife paintings have been internationally reproduced as cards, jigsaw puzzles, trays, kitchenware, tins, collectors plates etc. Gradually Wendy’s love of The Goddess, mythology and the ‘old ways’ found expression in her work.

Over the last few years Wendy has become internationally recognized for her exquisite Goddess and mythological paintings. Her paintings are in collections worldwide.


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