A hand drawn picture of a Green Man in a magical wooded surround

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Warm Welcome! 

About my Green Man Sculptures

My mystical Green Men and Moon Gazing Hare
Sculptures start their life in a
 peaceful Tranquil garden, lovingly hand 
crafted  by myself in natures setting, watched 
over by many ancient trees.  
Each one receives individual care and attention,
 so that the end product is a high quality, 
unique & fully weather proof sculpture 
for you to treasure.
We also have a wonderful selection of crafted 
Jewellery as well as a range of quality sourced gifts.

 My Sculptures with love, will bring spirituality, 
renewal & hope to the child of nature within us.

"Come sit a while, enjoy our faces, for while you are here our heart embraces"

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Facebook Site!!
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Sculpture Designs.

Visit Our studio:


The Spirit of the Green Man Studio,
Abbey Mill,
Tintern, Monmouthshire.
NP16 6SE.

At the studio you will find a comprehensive range of my Green Men and Moon Gazing Hare Sculptures, as well as a selection of quality artwork and gifts.
  Well worth a visit and don't forget that
we are situated in stunning scenery in the Wye Valley
 with lots of local walks on hand and
Tintern Abbey a short distance away.

Heres a short video of some of
 the Green Men at the studio.





Welsh flag fluttering - sculptures are hand made in Wales 

My Sculptures Are Hand Made In Celtic Wales
"Birth place of the Mabinogion"

small union jack flag



Who is the Green Man?

The Green Man is an ancient mythological character, believed to be pre-Christian in his origins, but later adopted by Gothic carvers and placed in thousands of churches and cathedrals all over Europe.

He is usually shown as a male head formed as a leaf mask,
often disgorging vegetation from his mouth.

He stands for humanity's "deep kinship with nature and the
trees and woods" and for the cycle of renewal and rebirth.
An example of this is the end of the long dark
Winter and the return of the Spring and the
 start of the cycle of growth.
 Perhaps the Green Man can be best described
as a "Nature Spirit"  or "Guardian of Nature".

He is associated with Robin of the Wood,
the Green Knight of Arthurian legend, Jack in the Green,
the May King or Summer Lord, Cernunnos
and Herne the Hunter.

An old English name for the countryside is "Greenmans"
 and this is a favorite name for taverns. 
In London alone there are 30 pubs
 called  "The Green Man."

He is celebrated today in May Day or Beltane
ceremonies all over Britain.

Perhaps the first person to really piece together the enigma
of The Green Man was Lady Raglan in 1939. 
She became fascinated  in folklore and after her
 discovery of Green Men figures in St.Jeromes Church
 in Llangwn in Monmouth, Wales she published an article
named "The Green Man in Church Architecture". 
Before the work of lady Raglan these characters were
mostly referred to as "Foliate heads".

A pagan viewpoint of is that he is the male partner to Gaia
 (or the Earth Goddess).
His appearance every Spring ensuring an abundant
 and successful harvest.
 This is fascinating and may be seen as ironic as
 he is seen in so many churches , cathedrals and other
places of Christian worship! 
Is this evidence of the existence of the Pagan beliefs
 alongside the mainstream religion that was becoming dominant? 

There are also a few Green Women. 
These may be inspired by the Goddess Asherah
who was the consort of  the God El and
Flora  who was a Goddess of love and fertility.

I have reflected this in my selection of
Female Green Women.

But does the Green man have a place
in our modern world?

Our planet now faces more critical danger and threats
 than it ever had done.
I believe the Green Man is more relevant now
than ever as a champion for the fight against
the major environmental
 issues that now face our fragile planet. 

If ever we need a powerful symbol  to inspire
and guide us in the fight to try to halt the destruction
it is the Green Man.


Green Man Events 

Happily there are numerous event throughout
the U.K. to celebrate the Green Man.
Most of these take place on, or around
 "Beltane" or "May Day" - 1st May.
 Here are a few and you can find more information
 on my Green Man News Page:


Clun, Shropshire
 "Green Man Festival"

 (More info)



"Jack in the Green Festival"



Bristol "Jack in the Green"
(More info)



A recent glowing review from Greig McNeish of the excellent "Healing Spirit".  

" This site is fabulous.  If you are looking to buy any Celtic Ornaments for the garden or home then this site is a must.  I have personally bought a number of pieces and I am amazed at the quality and beauty of each of the items.  Each piece is unique and Kathleen is able to make any personalized adaptions within reason to each of her pieces.  
The conduct of this business is what I would expect from a Celtic service, 
in terms of integrity an helpfulness."

Oct 14: Dear spirit of the green

A few years ago you kindly sent me a plaque to see how it fared in the harsh climate of North East Scotland.  The plaque still looks great and it is lovely to see how your business is going and the new products you have made.

I wish you well now and in the future!

Yours aye

Absolute magical stuff !! I want to buy everything. Its all made with such care and art. A fantastic blessing on my garden and home. Thank you  J. P. 10.5.15x

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A painting of a green man surrounded by forest and animals such as a badger and hare


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