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 rhiannon wise woemn




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heren the hunter

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clun green man festival

Clun Green Man festival 

Information on Jack in the Green events around the country..

ancient green man find

Early Green Man find!































Warm Welcome! 

My mystical Sculptures start their life in a
 peaceful Tranquil garden, lovingly hand 
crafted  by myself in natures setting, watched 
over by many ancient trees.  
Each one receives individual care and attention,
 so that the end product is a high quality, 
unique & fully weather proof sculpture 
for you to treasure.
We also have a wonderful selection of crafted 
Jewellery as well as a range of quality sourced gifts.

 My Sculptures with love, will bring spirituality, 
renewal & hope to the child of nature within us.

"Come sit a while, enjoy our faces, for while you are here our heart embraces"

Visit Our shop:

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@ the Abbey Mill, Tintern.

Large range of my items 
for sale in this stunning location!






My Sculptures Are Hand Made In Celtic Wales
"Birth place of the Mabinogion"


 What's New?

Spend over 35 (not including postage) and receive a special  free gift -
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All Green Man & Hare Sculptures purchased receive a 
free Green Man Fact Sheet - Please click here for details! 

rhiannon wise woemn

"New! Ceridwin


"New! Anvindr Green Man" 
(Click here)

Gort Ivy Green Man

"New! Gort the Ivy Green Man" 
(Click here)


"New! Llanbedr
Green Man Wall Plaque

(Click here)

the fabled hare sculpture

"The Fabled Hare" 
(Click here)

taff the welsh dragon sculpture

"Taff the Welsh Dragon" (Click here)

"Brianne" the LARGE Wall Hare (Click here)

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 Hand Made Avalon Hare and 
The Hare over the Henge Wall Plaques

Avalon Hare

stonehenge hare

"Herne the Hunter"  
Large sculpture. 

New! Maid Marion of the 
Oaks Green Lady! 
(More info)

New! The Glastonbury Green Man
(More info)



"The Green Man has always been around us, he stared down at us,  the face with the foliage pouring from the mouth in Churches  and Cathedrals for centuries.  The first recorded references to the Green Man go back  to the second century, but his origins are lost way back in time". 



A recent glowing review from Greig McNeish of the excellent "Healing Spirit".  

" This site is fabulous.  If you are looking to buy any Celtic Ornaments for the garden or home then this site is a must.  I have personally bought a number of pieces and I am amazed at the quality and beauty of each of the items.  Each piece is unique and Kathleen is able to make any personalized adaptions within reason to each of her pieces.  
The conduct of this business is what I would expect from a Celtic service, 
in terms of integrity an helpfulness."

Oct 14: Dear spirit of the green

A few years ago you kindly sent me a plaque to see how it fared in the harsh climate of North East Scotland.  The plaque still looks great and it is lovely to see how your business is going and the new products you have made.

I wish you well now and in the future!

Yours aye
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